library blog is just gonna be random posts of what i'm thinking the during the time of each entry. right now it's manual entry which is a little annoying. i'll probably switch it to a different service and link it to the page.

the journal is where all the juicy, personal stuff is. for now i think i'll work on getting all my past journal entries on to here. and probably start putting current/future entries on here instead of where i am currently keepign them.

articles are were all the sciencey/mansplainy things i'm thinking about/working on. probably stuff i am studying/interested in right now that i kinda wanna learn more about or just vomit all of what i know in one place.

i have a bunch of book i need to get around to reading. and i still have a lot more that i wanna get. reading list will be where all of that is.

for all the books that are really impactful or just really interesting to read... maybe i'll do reviews on them!! we'll see.