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may 2022

may was such a fun month. did so much and traveled so much basically the entire month.

started off the month in my crazy 3 concert weekend. saw ELIO with emmanual and she was really good. but honestly half the concert was her playing new, unreleased songs... they were ok but like. how are you gonna play soooo many unreleased songs.

this next week was finals week for the semester. tuesday was my CAD class final and my robot competition for a class. my robot definitely worked before but of course the day of the competition, it decided not to work. thursday was my heat transfer final. and friday was my systems and control final. (writing this on 11/13/22 so i dont remember how these finals were...) at one point, i got all you can eat sushi with merlyn and isabel at sushi taku.

i went back home to my parents house and hung out with a bunch of friends for the week. spent a whole day going to so many differnt thrift stores with justinne. wednesday at 8:30 pm i went off to a sleep study because i thought maybe i had sleep apnea. it was an overnight study with the next day full of more naps. i had to be hooked up to a bunch of sensors with this weird adhesive all over my face and hair. then later on thursday after the rest of my test i got dinner and watched everything everywhere all at once with justinne, paula and ajunie. then on friday me isabel and malcolm started our amtrak to san francisco. 3 whole days on the same train. very fun for a while. slept in each day and stayed up a lil bit each night. spent a lot of the day in the observation car looking at the scenery.

we spent the week in san francisco being silly and awesome. went all over the city and did so many things. usually each day we did something in the day and went out to a bar or a club at night each day. went to a couple book stores, the beach once, a couple different parks, amoeba records and ate out a lot. we saw the painted lated, climbed twin peaks and did some other stuff i am forgetting right now. saturday we headed to the airport and isabel and malcolm flew back to illinois and i flew down to san diego. i took a lyft to eliana's apartment and finally saw her since... i think halloween??? can't remember right now but it was a long time since i saw her last.

spent almost a week in san diego. was very chill compared to my week in san francisco. usually eliana and i only did one thing a day and slept in/stayed up late every night. i was watching a cycle of america's next top model that week and finished the entire cycle. a couple things we did this week were go to downtown san diego, went to balboa park, went to the beach at one point, eliana cut, bleached and toned my hair. had a couple wine nights and stuff like that. played a lot video games and i finished a lot of the vlogs. took the amtrak to orange county where my brother picked me up. also this week we drove up to lake tahoe to backpack the weekend. we made it all the way to the top to star lake but it was ridiculously cold. we planned on staying for 2 night but it was way too cold and we headed back down half way for the second night.

only a couple of days left in the last week of may and we drove back to orange county on monday. on tuesday i just relaxed with kurt for a bit then hung out with naomi, her bf and toni in irvine for a dinner.

and i think that was all of may!!!