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june/july 2022

june was the end of my month long vacation in california and the start of my full time internship i was working all summer. literally as soon as i got back.

the first week of june i was still at my brother's. we rock climbed with some friends and got some good ass dim sum.

the next day kurt and i went to the grove and and we watched the new (at the time) dr strange movie. we ate at a really cool bar restaurant place for happy hour... granville in weho. very cute. we waited for michelle to get off work and we drove back to oc.

naomi n her bf picked me and toni up and we went to the spectrum in irvine. the silverlake ramen in spectrum wasn't taking more tables in bc it was close to closing :( so we ate at burger place... whomp.

next day kurt and michelle and i got brunch at toast, this cool pan-asian place with a bunch of different things. right next door we got mochi donuts at fill and it was my first time trying it!

we went to a goodwill that was supposed to be a goodwill bins but the bins were not out... so we went to the regular goodwill section of it and i got some stuff. kurt doesnt like thrifting so he just... meandered around.

we then headed to laguna beach to watch the sunset by the beach!! it somehow was cloudy that day but we had fun watching a pod (?) of dolphins and seals near the coast. a group of high schooler had there grad pics here and there was a wedding on the way down to the beach. a very pretty spot.

afterwards we got all you can eat sushi somewhere on the way back to the apartment.. was pretty good but not the best.

the next day was such a journey. i packed up all my things for my flight back to chicago. i had gotten a box to check in for all the things i bought across my trip and thrifted the day before. said goodbye to kurt and michelle and headed to my flight!! i flew out of john wayne airport so it was a super quick drive and the airport was basically dead compared to lax or o'hare. one 4 hour flight back and i think juan picked me up from o'hare to drive back to the condo.

the next day juan and i headed to our parents house in the suburbs and my sister brought her dog!! i gave kurt's car good wash inside and out bc i was gonna be using it during my internship. then juan and i drove back to the city separately; him in his car leading the way and me in kurt's car following. this was the first time i drove on the highway since BEFORE i got my license ... like 5 years ago. hehe

june 6th was the first day of my internship al let's way on the other side of chicago. most of my summer days were spent working... and with that i had to drive around the city to different places. before this internship i obviously never drove on the highway and in chicago. but definitely got used to it pretty quickly.

june 11 i spent the day with isabel, justinne and joselyn. i met joselyn after her work then we met up with justinne and isabel from union station. we tried to go to a vintage pop up shop in wicker park but it was incredible disappointing. we went thrifting in logan square then got all you can eat sushi. joselyn had to leave then isabel and justinne and i walked around west loop and went to moneygun for cocktails.. say a really cool building with glass blocks. afterwards we watched the art on the mart on the river walk for a while.

the next day i went to go to a charli xcx themed dj night with amani and emiko!! i hadnt hung out with amani since literally 8th grade. we literally got the club as soon as the themed night started and literally no one was there. we headed to sidetrack for some really cheap drinks. i think it was show tunes night there... then we went back to scarlet and people finally showed up. it was so fun. i literally was out until like 1 am when i had a flight at like 7am the next day.

i slept like 4 hours then juan drove me to o'hare for my impromptu flight to san diego to celebrate eliana's 21st bday!!! i got a lyft from the airport and got to eliana's apartment eliana ignacio and i headed to campus to do a couple of things. that night we went to hillcrest to party at more gay bars.

` next day we spent the day getting ignacio and enrique's apartment ready for the bday party that night. we went to ralph's to get some drinks and snacks then we got back and got ready for the party.

party was really fun!!! think alana got us enchiladas at like 3am and we ate them for a bit then went to sleep.

the next day we cleaned up a little bit then i already had to fly back to chicago :( such a quick trip but it was so fun. this time getting back to the condo was such a long long journey. i took the blue line to jefferson park then took a bus all the way from there to the condo. literally took forever to get home and i probably should of just uber'd back.

june 22 was my ravyn lenae concert in lincoln hall! the dj who opened was really good and ravyn herself was so fucking good. i didn't know this at the time but this was my second time seeing her live. i saw her for the first time in 2017 when she opened for noname at the metro.

june 24 was a really cool day. i thought i was a regular day working at different sites around the city. but there was another new hire joining me and the other intern on a job shadowing site. we started in the station underneath the sear's tower.. and then boom. they surprised us but showing the 90th floor of the building where we could look across all of chicago. what a crazy experience. the managers also treated us to lunch in sear's tower afterwards.

june 25th juan and i had all you can eat sushi together.

june 26th was the chicago pride parade!!! i was supposed to go to pride with a couple different people but no one was able to come at the end. it was my first time going to pride since like... 2019.. i think. and going alone was kind lonely at first but i had so much fun. weirdly... right as i got to the parade, my phone service was so shitty that i could not even load anything. really creepy and if i thought about it too much i got scared...

june 27th i went to a super weird and old station in humboldt park. it was a 9 floor building that half the floors are not even used. then we were able to sneak up on to the roof and we got another cool view of chicago.

july! while i am editing this vlog (december 2022), i realized all my videos from july, september..., october, and november concert videos did not upload to the cloud correctly.. and not they are all gone. whelp

july 1st i met up with merlyn, anna, and taral at the belmont stop and we went to utopia in .. uptown i think. it was a really cute roof top bar place with huge games. we got a couple drinks and placed some games. i had to leave early to get on a train to the suburbs.

the next day i watched a movie with isabel... do not ... remember which movie... oh well. then we went to half price books to get some . books :) afterwards my parents were doing some year work then mom went biking on her tricycle bike around the park and i walked with her!!

isabel and i went to a couple estate sales and thrift stores the next day. it was so fucking hot. we stopped by petsmart of something to get food for her cats and i was looking at all the poor animals imprisoned there. i also got a haircut this day apparently and my parents and juan and i went to forest preserve to walk around and i think we went to mitstua afterwards for dinner.

the next day mom helped my bleach my roots twice and them once. i noticed there was a tiny baby bunny stuck in our basement window and i made juan grab it while i recorded him. i had helped bunny out a couple months before this... so i didnt wanna do it. we drove back to the condo and i grabbed my dinner for work the next day at one of the restaurants right next to the condo.

july 7th i went out to beauty bar with amani, emiko, alina, caroline and more people from the friend group.

the next day, i was playing fall guys with eliana!

i went to my sister's apartment and we went around downtown wheaton for a bit with hobbs.

july 10th, isabel and i went to an illinois vintage fair in dupage county. we ran into amani and alina and anthony i think at the vintage fair.

july 15th i had my yeule concert in thalia hall. casper mcfadden opened for them and it was a really cold concert. they set the stage to be in the middle of the floor and everyone was able to surround the stage.

july 20th i got tested for monkeypox bc apparently a guy i hooked up with had started showing symptoms and tested positive?!

july 22nd since i was staying home from work, i finally toned my hair from whenever i bleached it.

july 25 i tried to go to a howard brown health location to get a monkeypox vaccine since its still so close since i got expose but when i got there they already ran out of doses even though it was so early in the day. then i got a call that i had to get retested for monkeypox bc i literally remember the doctor dropping my test swab ON THE FLOOR!!! so the results were not valid.

july 29th my isolation period was done and juan adopted a puppy!! she was soooo cute then i had my coco & clair clair concert at schubas.

that was all of my june and july!!! fin.