[10-22-2022] radio silence


again. i have not updated this blog and even this website for a while again.

so much has been happening lately with school and now work... and even just interviewing for post grad jobs. i really dont have time... in general.

in september i got really into "journalling and planners" side of youtube. stationary, fountain pens and paper... yada yada yada. i gennuinely fell down a rabbit hole. i even bought my other stuff to start a journal.

i wanna scan the month of september in and add to this library page. i feel like it would make this blog part kinda redundant but... we'll see if i even get to it. i bought a printer yesterday for the sole purpose of printing stuff out for my journal and it has a scanner i can use to scan in my spreads and pages. but ... i set it up today and it does not even print.... idk what to do now lol.

well anyways... we'll see the next time i add to this blog :) catch ya later!