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change log
[01-05-2023] happy new year!!! had a crazy end of 2022 and start of 2023. but along the way i finished editing and uploading both october and november vlogs. my november vlog is ridiculously long and also got copyright claimed for a portion. so that is being edited out and reprocessed. but i posted the page for my october vlog!! i definitely gotta get around to making the pages of all my journal entries, but i havent had time!!! i got a couple plans to do a 2022 wrapped/summary page but idk if i'll get around to it. whenever the november vlog gets done processing i'll just fix the embedded link! also added a concerts page that i'll eventually get to.
[12-19-2022] finished, uploaded september vlog then while writing my lil post about it i realized i forgot a bunch of clips so i deleted the video, reedited and uploaded again. added page and updated all home pages.
[12-18-2022] finished and uploaded my august vlog. added new page with the summary and updated movie-theater and home index!!
[12-16-2022] finals finished and i have been spending time with family but in my free time i am finally editing more vlogs!! just finished my june/july vlogs and wrote a written summary of it!!! i realized i don't really need to explain much in the vlogs and have my summary linked in the description. hehe :3
[10-22-2022] again have not had time to work on this... i changed the background of my about me page bc thats the only thing i have energy for rn... also added an october blog page n its respective link onto the library page... hint hint might add my jounral in the future.
[10-02-2022] been so long since i actually updated this website. school's been taking all my free time. but finally updated the content of my about me... hopefully i can make it look cute next.
[08-28-2022] finally did the arcade page visuals. sooo cute.
[08-27-2022] made an august 2022 blog page, made the subpages have the same .css as the parent page. added bare pages with each vlog. also removed the neopets donut from the main pages :( bye bye friend
[08-16-2022] made images for a home and back button, and added it to the base navigation.html. kinda wanna add it to the same row as the header... maybe make the header a 1x3 grid, first column being bold, second being the header image, and third being the back button??? not too sure. also been so busy lately.. and school is starting next week... not sure if i'll have consistent amount of time to work on this website... but i did a lot of the main stuff already bc i already knew i wouldnt have a lot of time during the school year hehe.
[08-08-2022] made gifs for the home page and added them when u hover over! sooo cute. made one set then a lot of them didntl look that great, so i made more. i also made them for each header on the individual page but... i think the alpha something is off and the colors are off. oh well the home page was the important part.
[08-07-2022] made some more changes to some pages to better responsiveness
[08-05-2022] changed movie theater visual to actually be a movie theater, then fixed responsiveness for the page. responsiveness media queries can be used for a lot of pages.. added to /style.css and started changing the other pages. finished arcade, still need to do library and concert venue.
[08-01-2022] changed the background and couple colors for the concert venue page
[07-31-2022] did some changes to make all the bodies not scroll, only the content-container. did this to all on /style.css, and library, concert venue, movie theater, arcade, misc, links and about me! also simplifed most page specific .css to only have the stuff that is altered, and deleted everything that is the same from the /style.css to make things less redundant
[07-30-2022] changed the h1's of library, concert venue, movie theater, arcade, misc and about me to the graphic text! :) installed sizer to make windows at different sizes to test responsiveness!! edited splash screen, home, library, concert venue, movie theater, arcade, misc and about me with a media query to be fully responsive!!
[07-29-2022] finished the graphics for the main section! finished the home screen! and figured out how to put a collapsible text at the bottom for the changelog and link to my guest book!!!
[07-28-2022] worked on some more sizing issues for both mobile sizes and shorter vh. starting to structure the main page. started making the graphics and learning how to use display:grid... starting to learn more css, especially with classes, ids and stuff. yayy!!
[07-27-2022] i made some graphics for the splashscreen on procreate on my ipad (had to learn how to use procreate, which is a whole other thing...). also created the splashscreen!! now working on the home/landing page. gotta make the graphics for that. i used a learn.sadgrl's guide on how to make add a .js that pulls the same .html to use in each page. so instead of manually updating each navbar of each page when i change a link, i can only change the one .html!! so convenient.
[07-26-2022] organized my pages more. then updated nav bar and fixed all the links to respective pages. added more sections i want to add in the future as well as brief descriptions of each. new/renamed sections are: concert venue, movie theater, and arcade (and misc). added a bit of semantic html... but just realized i can probably do it a bit better but oh well.
[07-24-2022] figured out how to set up and use vs code, upload the folder withing CLI and even place my folder with all my wesbite files to google drive so i can edit on either computer i have :) worked on the links page, reorganized the info and now i am working my about page.
[07-23-2022] updated the oh she's taking it playlist breakdown page. learned more about transparency, padding and placing images. got a lot of inspo for my theme of the overall website. i think the main pages will be the only ones that are themed. i am thinking battleblock theater-esque... pupper theater prop cardboard diy look. but that a lot of photoeditting and stuff i gotta figure out. and a lot of css to make it look nice... and maybe some javascript to make the websites interactive somehow. maybe that is all too much for my little brain. i slightly am playing around with the visuals of my about page but. yeah. kinda of getting annoyed of editting .html and .css files in web browser.. i wanna look into using vs code but that means having to sync the files from my computer to the website... oh well.. too much to think about.
[07-22-2022] took a while to figure out how to make two divs side by side... for some reason, when i add class/id defintions to a secondary stylesheet (even the primary stylesheet), when assigning the divs' the class/id, the css does not apply. i really don't know why. i made turn the css & html are correct on a completely blank page, and it works. but when i apply it to the page i was working on today (oh she's taking it playlist breakdown) it doesn't work. weird. i had to hard code it in html for each div. there definitely is a better way. and sooner than later i wanna switch all the pages from using so many divs to semantic html... but at the same time.. if it's not broke don't fix it.
[07-21-2022] created a year page for the playlist breakdowns, then a page for the very first break down! created the content on the page, figured out some styling. i definitely need to add more pictures and figure that stuff out tomorrow. i used a second style sheet to keep the base format the same but make it specific to the page. definitely will update the library.css to follow the same... good to know that works. i think i am definitely figuring out more css to customize and make cuter layouts too. yay!
[07-19-2022] figured out how to make this box scroll :) also linked all the pages to have an external stylesheet. n with that i can make pages easier with the same look n keep all the lines of code rlly short. also i can make page specific stylesheets without breaking all the previous ones!! also changed from full header/nav bar to contained. definitely looks better. gonna work on the actual visual look of everything later... focusing on the structure of all the pages and the general code rn. definitely learning more about html. also i wanna work on organizing the links page (changed the name from resources) and it'll make it easier to add future links. also wanna add more to the about page like add why i am making this in general and yeah!! :)
[07-18-2022] changed the original blog page to a library page! has a table contents to all the other pages that i plan on making. so cute. played around with image sizes based on container size and stuff. also thinking about already optimizing for mobile most things. but we'll see.
[07-17-2022] worked on pages more, got some more inspo and learned more about how html works
[07-16-2022] created website! created home, posts, vlogs, music, resources, and about pages. inital header and background colors