good morning

(i'll add pictures later)

this band has always been one of my favorites for soo many years. ever since spotify wrapped was ever a thing, they were consistently either my top artists of top song ever for the year.

this concert was in april at sleeping village. my first time ever going to the venue. i remember it was raining a lot and at the time, the only way to get to the venue was to take like two buses. and these buses, in my experience literally never showed up. it also was raining pretty bad. i ended up getting a lyft to the venue and back. i didnt wanna bother: 1. waiting for the buses to even show up, and to wait in the rain.

the venue was really cute. they had a really cool glass block exterior and right when you walk in there is a really nice bar area with cool booths along the side. of to one side there is an outdoor patio section. i went straight into the venue area tho. the venue was kinda split into a ground floor right next to the stage and upper floor with the sound booth and more space for ppl. i went straight to the frontish middle of the floor area next to the stage.

PACKS was the opener for the night and i only listend to a couple of their songs. leader singer was really nice and she was talking about how they were hanging out a park nearby the venue for a little bit before the show. and ppl in the audience were guessing which park. she couldnt remember the name but later i guess someone found it. i kinda wish i listened to more of PACKS songs bc they sounded pretty good live, but i speant most of my time preparing for this concert listening to good morning.

i will be the one to say it. i prefered a lot of good morning's older albums/ep's/songs but i knew they were popular enough for them to play them, even tho this was a tour for their newest released album. i spent more time listening to the new album to get more familiar with the songs.

when good morning came out, and there was a huge realization that hit me: they are australian. i personally, really hate both australian and british accents. it always happens to me. i like a band a lot, and boom. they become australian. oh well. in their songs they dont sound australian and that is all that matters.

since this concert was sooo many months ago (i am writing this in january 2023), i dont rememeber the exact songs they played. however, i recorded a lot of songs i really enjoy and put them in to my vlog. shameless plug. oh would u look at that. here's a magically box that plays clips of this concert from my vlog i made!

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the crowd was really fun. the ppl i was next to was a kinda big group of like.. alt indie boys. they were calling out a lot of songs they wanted to hear and since they were rigth at the front, good morning played a bunch of songs they wanted in the encore. good morning played a lot of songs they didnt even practice for but they still sounded so good.

whoa. i am getting ahead of myself. at once point of the show, good morning brought out alan bunham. someone they collaborated with on a couple of their latest releases. they sang one of my favorite songs at the time. here it is:

overall the concert was really amazing. it was so awesome to see one of my all time favorite bands live. i definitely cried a couple times to a lot of the songs. especially, their older stuff that makes me super nostalgic.