concert venue i plan on doing playlist breakdowns for the ones i really put a lot of thought into. i love making playlists and put a decent amount of effort into each one. if not, i'll probably just post the general theme/whatever inspired me to create it.

i might do album reviews, but honestly i am not too sure yet. i definitely mostly lsiten to music by albums, and try to listen to them all in on go to get the feel. but the albums that have a really special place in my heart i wanna get around to making at least a page on them.

i wanna find all my past spotify wraps, maybe all those websites that have i have allowed all my spotify data for (statsforspotify... that one that makes the piechart... and there are definitely more... receipts for spotify)

i also made a recently and i'll try to make pages about those charts.

i go to concerts a lot! i wanna post about my experience at each one.