about me

hey i'm carl :)

21 | he/him/his | gay
just a silly guy in chicago

senior in college, studying mechanical engineering. hopefully gonna work industries related to: sustainability, renewable energy, public transportation, n more. only like 70% scared i'll be stuck in a soul-sucking 9-to-5 for the rest of my life.

- making vlogs
- writing blogs
- going to concerts
- making playlists
- thrifting clothes
- playing video games
- reading books

- a good set of headphones
- comfy clothes
- mint chocolate chip ice cream

- cash-only bars
- buses/train that are late
- when doors arent labelled push or pull


made this page bc i was getting bored of this stage of late stage capitalism where we commodify and publish ourselves on social media. putting things out on the internet for the sake of other people basically is the only reason to be online. wanting other ppl's views, opinons, valdiation, etc. i definitely am no exception.

i want to slowly start getting myself out of that mindset and put things out there for me. sure i'd be nice to be all #niche-internet-microcelebrity and have ppl interact with the site, but i want my #1 priority of this to be me. what i want to post, what i want to make, what i want.

i also definitely have to remind myself that i have no obligation to make all my plans for this website. i definitely need to be ok with leaving things rough around the edges, not completely perfect and awesome looking.

just in case i fall off the face of the planet from this website:

ig: @yaaasification | twitter: @carl_arc | spotify: arcangel.c

super top secret classified information
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